Online “The new Era of Marketing”

Evolution of Marketing

Marketing has evolved from simple trade era in pre-industrial revolution until Sale era in 20s after 1940-1990 marketing have emerged, in this eras consumers starting to have more power in the market. Manufacturers start producing goods based on the demand of the consumers. After 1990, relationship marketing where the firms want to build long-term relationship with the consumer or as you can say, “Brand loyalty”. Last but not least from 2010 until now as the behaviour of the consumer have changed, people in this period wants more of the real-time connection. Consumer must be able to reach to the firms 24/7 (W., Steven, 2010). We can all say that right at this moment most the firms must adapt themselves to this new era of marketing and start using online marketing as their key strategy.

What Is Online Marketing?

Over the past years, Television, radio, or newspaper will be mainly picked from the advertiser to promote their product from but as the behaviour of the consumers have been changed from whether to read the news from newspaper of watch it on the television to looking through their mobile screen.

Online Marketing is the use of any platform in the online world whether to be Facebook, Google, YouTube, or Instagram with the objective of creating awareness of the brand to wider group of people and to draw the consumers in and create sells through that platform. This type of marketing can be done on many platforms online (UKTECK,2017).

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As I said that online marketing can be performed trough many platform online but there are 3 main platforms that most of organisations love to use due to its effectiveness.

  • Search engine Marketing is to make the products or services on top ranks when consumers search in particular keywords. So the website can be found easily and create top-of-mind to the consumers.
  • Email Marketing is to use Email as the medium to send news or promotions to the selected group of consumers. It is also the cheapest way of online marketing among others.
  • Social Marketing is to use platform such as Facebook, Instagram or twitter to spread out the news about the organisation to the consumers (USA Today, 2013)

Benefits/ Limitations

The firms start using online marketing because of its cost efficiency comparing to other offline platforms. It provides low-cost with large engagement. The data itself can be measurable; it helps the advertiser improve their marketing over the time. As we can say that online marketing helps the firms connect with their consumer 24/7 so it also helps them build a very strong relationship with their consumer, which is what the consumer seek for in this time period. With doing marketing online, it gives the power of getting the information to the group of people that actually interesting in the product, by doing “Programmatic”.

I will say that even online marketing have so many pros but there are also some limitations for using this kind of marketing. As online is still a very public place, anything exposed on it would be consider non-secret information, let say if you are having some big promoting going on with your product, your competition can always know and may do something to harm that. And also “banner blindness” might be occurred, there might be some audience that ignored the advertising or they even going to be “annoyed” by that and it might cause some negative perception towards the brand by that person.

Does It Work?

As I said that behaviour of consumer have been changing over time. People are no longer waiting for the news on Television or even worse to wait for newspaper the next day but they can just update what is going on just right after it happened by just looking at their screens. I would say that at this period of time people couldn’t live their lives without Internet no more. I would also say that Internet could be called as 33rd organ of our body, if we don’t have it we might not be able to function normally. As I aforementioned, you can see that Internet is pretty important for people in this time period. The firm can take advantage from that factor by doing online marketing, which allows them to be able to be within reach with their consumer the whole time. I think this is quit important for the consumers nowadays that they are being able to contact the brand all the time. Online marketing in my opinion is very useful because of how measurable it is, we can measure the advertisement that we launched and be able to fix it if anything fails. So now let me talk about the measurement of the data how we can improve our marketing during the time. There are so many way to measure if the marketing worth the money or not. Let’s say if you want to measure if your YouTube advertisement is going well or not you can see from Cost per view, which is primarily used for YouTube Advertisement. To let you guys see how well the online marketing work, here is a case study I found and think it is quite interesting.

“Don’t underestimate the power of imagery – GoPro”

GoPro build their brand awareness and build a strong relationship with their consumers by building their own YouTube channel to generate Visual-inspiring content to its consumer (C.,O’Brian, 2016)

goproSource: GoPro YouTube channel:

This smart strategy allows their target group to see how well the camera performs in each circumstance. The brand itself is not only focus on expanding their new target group but also wants to build a very strong relationship with their consumer by launching their alternative channel “ GoPro Tutorial” where they teach tips ad tricks of using their product for their existing consumers.

gopro1Source: GoPro Tutorials YouTube channel:

In my opinion, I think GoPro is doing their strategy right, I would say having their own YouTube channel does not cost they anything but giving them an opportunity to create thirst to their “soon-to-be-consumer”.


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6 thoughts on “Online “The new Era of Marketing”

  1. The way you express about online marketing is very useful. I agree with your example on GoPro. I am a fan of GoPro and never bought the via the shop but online channel


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